Welcome to Bangkok Staff Services 
Welcome to Bangkok Staff Services 
Welcome to Bangkok Staff Services 
You are:
  • A foreign businessman visiting Bangkok, in need of responsive, reliable,and competent staff assistance on the ground in Bangkok.
  • An overseas business operation seeking assistance in sourcing wholesale trade goods from Thailand - consumer goods, raw materials, handicrafts, or sub-contractor fabrication services.

    We identify vendors, assist with negotiations, secure and ship evaluation samples, coordinate shipment consolidation, packaging, and outbound freight services.

  • An expat in Bangkok who is delighted to have suddenly secured a major project for a critical customer, but who now urgently requires temporary staff reinforcement.
  • Manager of a hotel business center, who has been asked by a visiting businessman to locate a source for temporary local staff assistance.
  • Director of a firm outside Thailand who needs a reliable, bi-lingial, part-time or low-level presence on the ground in Thailand.
  • Director of a newly-launched private company here in Thailand, who requires short-term start-up assistance by an experienced office staff, to help get your company off to a smooth start, while you hire permanent staff.
We can help.

Our Bangkok Staff Services Division performs the core function of assisting clients such as those described to get what they need done - with an emphasis on initiative, reliability, and a quality-oriented approach.

Our staff augmentation specialists are experienced operations coordinators, with extensive local business knowledge and access to a well-developed network of other business service providers.